An Improv Inspired Eve.

Hello Friends. 

I want to talk about Improv.

I love Improv. LOVE IT. And it is not the creating part that is exciting. There will be times where you forget everything you've trained your human mind about attempting to CONTROL a situation, and simply slip into The Super-Conscious and allow yourself to purely and gently REACT. And I'm talking micromoments within micromoments. Not trying to land a joke, not judging yourself, a mistake and misstep become opportunity. Pure unadulterated acceptance and love and simply allowing yourself to exist in the live-stream current of the Now.

It is what I imagine religious people must feel about God. And that is certainly a powerful drug. 

Bitches love dinosaurs.

Bitches love dinosaurs.

I am very good at two particular things. The first is being stuck in my head, fixated on an outcome or particular timeline that could potentially exist from current circumstance; this will involve glazed vision, softened breathing and a 1000-mile stare which is essentially a momentary attempt at psychological transcendence, where I'm sure at some level my nervous system is excellent at replicating and inducing response from imaginary stimuli. It is a temporary mental damming by a very excellent problem solving tool; the human brain.

The second is being present. Like white-hot, laser-sight, catch-a-bullet-in-your-teeth, Miyagi fly-catching awareness. 

And here's the interesting thing. Let's say: you are swimming in river rapids, violent water thundering all around you, the current drumming you downstream. If you attempt to swim AGAINST the current, take control of the situation... you are not going to have a very fun time. It's going to suck mega balls. That river is going to fight you every step of the way to shore. And it is going to roar at you. And that river is going to be incredibly intimidating, fiercely strong and without respite.

I mean, it probably is regardless, right?

Laws of Physics be DAMNED.

Laws of Physics be DAMNED.

But let's say you let go trying to get back upstream, to where you were, where you were safe at the campsite. You embrace your surroundings, and let your body flow with the current. I'm pretty sure that river will suddenly not be as violent. Infact, if you were to not notice (nor care) of the passing shoreline, forget it completely, suddenly those raging rapids become quite still. And calm. Because when the shore of where we THINK we need to be, or get to, vanishes... 

Hey, you're just enjoying the swim.

Ego gets in the way. The construct of Self gets in the way. Fear, Hatred, Contempt are all born from resistance. Struggling to get back to shore.

I write this because tonight I got to perform Improv, connect myself into a communal energy, and have the sheer PLEASURE to remind myself of that often underestimated phrase: Go. With. The. Flow.

And I don't mean the "Well, we've been in a relationship this long, may as well ride it out" flow. I mean listening to your vibrational being and following the river to the harmonious waters of your soul where you can bathe in the gleaming golden hum of truth without falsity, politeness or pretentiousness. #thisshitjustgotnextleveldeepyo

In simpler words: Follow your pleasure.


I Love Improv.


Taunt the Lightning.

Hello Friends.

Here's a fact: Writing is hard.

Since finishing Once, I have retreated into the west to focus on evolving a project that has been marinating for quite some time in the creative ethos:

Cheesebike is a musical project that I've mentioned to myself for years as a concept, an idea, an intangible blob of creative energy of... something. Walt Disney himself said, "The best way to get started is to stop talking and start doing". 

Speaking of Walt Disney, I also want to talk about last year's workshop for The Happy Ending.

Kate Revz and I were completely blown away by the support given from friends and family, both to the kickstarter campaign to get the workshop up and even just kind words and general back-propping. It was definitely an INTENSE time for me, sculpting songs and losing my voice whilst having to learn Banjo and Mandolin waiting there at the side of my plate. Many laughs. Many coffees. Fortunately, the artists involved in the workshop certainly made my job a whole lot easier. #epicskillz

Now, I bring this up unprompted, but I certainly had a moment of deflation one week after the workshop when we caught wind that a new show on Off-Broadway had seemingly the same thesis/theme/source material as our workshopped construction. So, in case you are one of those warm curious souls wondering "what ever happened to that thing that thinged", it is presently placed delicately and lovingly in momental stasis. In part, due to it's creative clone currently schmaltzing the stage above the equator, and also in part due to Kate giving birth to an exceptionally adorable baby girl, and apparently babies need attention to function and live and exist or whatever.  

Cuteness Level: Above Critical Mass

Cuteness Level: Above Critical Mass

Now, it certainly feels like a loaded cannon, and I'm aware that there can be several shows on the same material (both musicals based on The Wild Party for example), but you simply don't fire said cannon until the Brittish are alongside your own vessel, and you're prepared to swashbuckle a rope to the other side.

And so, I exist in a different room with beakers and microscopes and electrodes, toiling on a new creation, hoping to unveil it soon and let it run loose through the town at night, getting into dark unscrupulous mischief with the Mayor's daughters. 

Raise the electrodes and taunt the lightning storm.


Once: A New Musical

Let's get one thing straight.

There is nothing like being part of a band.

At the end of week one of rehearsals for Once, we as a group suddenly stopped focusing on what we were learning for ourselves and started listening to what we were learning from each other. How does my sound meld, compliment or antithesize with yours. 

The days consisted of focused yoga, movement and dance with Yasmine Lee, followed by encircled music rehearsal (and subsequent yelling) with Martin Lowe, then on the floor with John Tiffany. Without the warmth, magnanimity, heightened intellect and (above all) infinite TRUST of this creative team, we would not be the tight-knit band of miscreant outlaws we are now.

"So what's the plan for the day off?"

"I will be running Gold in my lounge room."

"Oh that sounds like fun. Or you could wait til you discover it on the floor in week 3."

Climb the mountain together or not at all. 

Once is currently playing at The Princess Theatre, Melbourne.

2014 Workshop Showcase - The Happy Ending

Muskrats and Dandelions,

For two epic weeks at the budding of August, The Happy Ending received a 2 week overhaul with a slew of industry titans. 

Kate Revz and I would like to thank everyone who contributed both inside and outside of the warm rehearsal room at Opera Australia in Sydney; this could not have occurred without the exceptional talents and generosity of many.

We've learned much from the tent pitching, and we ride high into Draft 6 and Orchestration with the confidence of the hard work thus far.

Bippety Boppity Booyah!


100% funded to our goal for the workshop. 

Which means a WHOPPING huge big sloppy...

So much gratitude to all the LEGENDS that flipped their sparkly dreams into the wishing well. 

Time to hit the keys!!! Meanwhile, you can sniff the sugar sweet crust of our preview website here.


March Song Writing Workshop Preview: THE HAPPY ENDING

Hey Mice and Meeces,

We are almost halfway on both target goal and time left to help out for The Happy Ending

Find below a sweet teat insight treat from our March workshop. Many Coffees and Green Juices got us through several numbers (which you can now preview) accompanied by a delicious tiny electric keyboard powered by dreams.

You can drop some coins into the wishing well here.

Stop, rock and roll.



Hey Coolcats and Lovebirds,

Here's some news:

We have written a musical and we are taking it to Broadway!

I have just recently returned from a Sydney-side writing workshop where we wrote 8 songs in 7 days: no small feat! The exceptional Kate Revz (who has small feet) has written a very hilarious satirical nugget of paper wad entitled The Happy Ending.

(L-R) Gabrielle Scawthorn, Aaron Tsindos, Briallen Clarke, Kate Revz, Michael Gupta, and Kelly Paterniti.

The first step in this momentous undertaking is to fund a July workshop. Our goal is do this through crowd funding, and we are ringing the bells throughout the kingdom!

Below is a video detailing the project, and here is the link to our kick starter page so you can start touching your pocket;

Our Kickstarter Page is located here.

The Project Page is located over here.

Every little bit helps us bring joy to an audience, the world, and your sister.

Flips, dips and quips.